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Quick Environment Script V2

May 29, 2020

After over 2000 lines of code and lots and lots of testing, the new version of our Quick Environment Script is out. Get it here!!

This is the second Version of our QES script,  A Maxscript that was written for internal use at Moso Studio.

The purpose of QES is to streamline the process of working with HDRI files.

It is meant to work only with VRAY and CORONA renderers… and had been tried with 3dsmax 2016 to 2019, but should be compatible with most others

This version was written with the collaboration of Obaida Lofti, who developed the new interface and browser library system

There are a lot of improvements on this new version, including a completely new interface and some new functionality.

Please watch the video to understand the functionality and to learn about the new features and new interface.

You can still use the V1 free of cost, or if you wish to update we are requesting a small fee to help cover the cost of all our efforts putting this tool together.

This is a real production tool, used daily in our studio.

FYI There are no HDRI images included with this script. We highly recommend the HDRI from 3D Collective, but any HDRI can be used with it.

Quick Environment Script V2 developed by MOSO Studio

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Quick Environment Script (QES)

Quick Environment Script (QES)

This is a maxscript that was written for internal use at Moso Studio.The purpose of QES is to streamline the process of working with HDR files.

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